Back To Normal

After a few dry weeks the weather returned to normal today with virtually constant heavy rain all day. I had intended to use up some of the maggots left over from Mondays trip to the Ribble this evening, but the local river rises like a flash at the first splashes of rain so fishing was a non starter this evening. Hopefully if the rain eases off i will be able to fish one of the slower deeper swims tomorrow evening. I havent spent any time on the banks of the local river coarse fishing during the last couple of months and i am more than looking forwards to catching a few of the lunking great chub that live there.

I have discovered the above photo on my mobile phone, it gives a great indication of the water clarity at Salford Quays as a shoal of bream can be clearly seen amongst the weed beds. One of my friends was fishing the quays this morning, and he told me that the water levels rose over a foot in 4 hours as huge amounts of extra water washed into Ship Canal from the Irwell. Neil reckoned he had over 30lbs of roach and perch in a 5 hour session, not a bad way to use up his left over maggots.