If anyone out there has some watercraft - please lend me some!
Spent the day crashing through undergrowth and splashing about in the river - the end result was six brown trout, a chub and very wet feet.
I explored the new river a little further and found some fantasticly overgrown swims. Casting a fly in this tree lined river is virtually impossible in many places so i used worm as hookbait. There are areas where flyfishing will be possible and i intend to try these runs out during the coming week.
I did a little bit of rock turning to see what invertebrate life inhabited the river bed, and compared to the Ribble and some of the other local rivers there seemed to be very few bugs under the stones.

This river is so small that it seems as though it can be jumped across and in general is very shallow with very few slower deeper runs.
Despite being virtually in a city centre i didnt see another person all day - fantastic.