A Quick Fix

As i had an hour or so free after work this evening so went for a quick fix of my new drug upstream nymphing.

After having a couple of practise casts in the swim i fished with Phil and Tony yesterday evening i moved a couple of hundred yards downstream and fished the gentle weir pool in the photo above.

I had about 5 good takes which resulted in the fish below and another nicer one which slipped out of my hands before i could photograph it.

The gear i used is not really fit for the job as the lightest line i own is a 6 weight. This line is great for still waters and the larger rivers i sometimes fish, but on a small stream such as this i winced every time the heavy line crashed into the water. Additionaly the rod i was using was long at 8ft 6" and a 7ft rod would be far more suitable for small streams, i seemed to spend alot of time retrieving my fly from the undergrowth rather than fishing it through the swim.

I have a feeling that before i fish this stream again i will be raiding my fathers tackle collection - beware dad i am coming round for a cup of tea and a chat tomorrow!!

Lastly again thanks to Tony for his killer ptn pattern which gave me 4 out of the 5 takes i had this afternoon and both fish.