A Chill Wind

After our last trip the Ship Canal, i couldnt resist another attempt at unlocking this venues secrets. I thought i had a method that was going to be really effective but a howling gale meant that delicate presentation of bait under a 15ft trotting rod was impossible.

Both Phil and I decided to sit it out using a groundbait feeder and a quiver tip, however the gusting wind and the heavy chop on the water made bite detection very difficult. We stuck it out, and were rewarded with a few small chub and a couple of nice roach. Just like our last visit we sat biteless for quite some time before the fish switched on at about 7pm.

On both of our visits to the quays we have had the good fortune to see some really big fish topping and rolling, so now that we are getting a little more into the venue, the next time we come we will be targeting some of the bigger fish, rather than just trying to catch anything that comes along. Unsurprisingly we both agreed that if there was a strong wind, we would switch to a more sheltered venue, as it wasnt easy today.

We packed up at about 8.30pm well before dusk as we were both freezing cold. Its back to trout fishing on small streams on Monday - i cant wait.