Upstreaming In The Riffles

Tony catches his first Brown Trout of the session A happy man
Typical river brownie

Had an evening session with Tony on the river. We started off fishing in our normal manner i.e. slightly upstream then down and across with hares ears ptn's. We had a few fish each on this method, but then decided to try something new.
Tony gave me a great shrimp imitation, in a light grey colour and also a peeping cadis. We then set off to fish the faster flowing riffles casting far more upstream than i normally do.
I caught more fish on both flies, but unfortunatley none of them came from the upstream part of the cast.
The largest fish of the night fell to Tony of about 3/4lb and i had the pleasure of catching the smallest (it fitted in the palm of my hand).
By the end of the evening we had both caught 5 fish. Yet again i had good fun, the ever changing condition of the river makes fishing unpredictable, today the river was rising again and filling with colour after more rain.
Am looking forwards to taking Matthew fishing next weekend as his rugby season is now over. He is keen to catch a trout on the fly so i think a trip up to Pendle View will be in order.
A typical streamy section of the river