Taking The Pish

Are you looking at me ?

Taking the pish, thats what the fish did to me today at Roughlee Fishery in the Ribble Valley.
I had a day out with Phil and Tony, and we decided to try out a new venue.
After finally finding the lake (not easy) we discovered a great little 2.5 acre venue, that was well stocked and really well looked after by the resident owner.
As we tackled up we could see fish in the lake cruising and topping taking buzzers from just beneath the surface, so there were three eager fishermen waiting to cast a line.
I used a variety of buzzer teams, sinking flies, dries and lures for 5 hours without a fish!
At the death i resorted to stripping a team of lures with which i had two good pulls neither of which producing a hooked fish. I was gutted, especially as both Tony and Phil caught two lovely rainbow trout each. Maybe it just wasnt my day, or i am still lacking the vital neccessary experience needed to catch on a new venue.
We saw fish topping all day, even during a hail storm. Whilst using lures i had a fish jump clean out of the water and over my line, and to add insult to injury one of Tonys fish jumped up and looked me straight in the eye before it was returned to the water (see above photo).
I hope you dont think i had a bad day just because i didnt catch. It was a terrific day out in beautiful surroundings, and to fish in such great surroundings with the sound of a Curlew ringing across the lake always makes for a day to remember. Next time i go i will not forget to take pictures of the lake and its surroundings as it was a really pretty place.

Tonys second fish