Manchester Monsoon Season

Whilst Manchester is famous for its inclement weather, even the locals (me) are now starting to get browned off. Since the New year, i can only recall two seperate weeks when the rivers have been in good condition for fishing.
Recent rains have again led to high water levels and difficult fishing conditions with the water the colour of hot chocolate.
I had been hoping for a couple of hours on the river but had to settle for a tenching session at Maceys in Bury. Last summer Matthew and i had some cracking tench sessions using prawns and mussels from the local Asda as bait. There is a tendancy for the anglers at maceys to use either maggots or pellets and for anglers who are prepared to use different baits, really good sessions can be had when others are struggling to catch. Today i decided to use the remaining worms i had dug earlier in the week. So it was another feeder and popped up lobworm tail hookbait session.
I arrived at 6pm, and had to wait for half an hour or so before my tip bent round and i was into a small common carp of about 2.5lbs. In the 2 hours i was there i ended up another 6 carp to about 3lbs, but didnt have any tench.
It was quite an entertaining short session, as after i had my first fish the others seemed to line up to take my worm. Its good fun catching small carp and tench on light tackle and Maceys is an ideal venue as its only 10 minutes drive from home.

Fishing is going to be limited next week due to a heavy schedule at work, but hopefully i will get out for an hour or two on Tuesday.

Not too many signs of Spring yet.

I got one of the kids fishing nearby to take my photo as i have lots of photos of everyone else but not so many of me!