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Mitchell Match

I was chatting to Dave a few weeks ago about the fishing tackle i had stolen from my parents house about 10 years ago. Of all the tackle I lost, the item I missed the most was a Mitchell 440a commonly known as a Mitchell Match.
Last Friday Dave called me at work and asked me to come and see him as he had something to show me. The daft/bugger had only bought me a replacement from Ebay! THANKS DAVE

So to give it a try out i went fishing for an early season tench at Broughton Park Lake in Salford.
I hadnt fished this lake for 20 years but it has a reputation for tench and was the location of the capture of my personal best roach (well over 2lbs caught on floating caster) way back in the 1980s when i was in my early teens.

However that was then and this is now, and the trip turned into a six hour blanking session. Ouch. The wind was akin something found in the roaring forties, and the only sheltered peg i could find was the boathouse swim which at 2ft deep is too shallow for good fishing in early March. I tried waggler, pole and feeder using hemp, caster and red maggot and didnt even get a bite, despite all the tricks of differing baits, hooksizes and hooklengths and different varities of presentation.
I think i will give this venue a miss until summer and with hindsight should have left such a shallow venue alone until water temperatures rise.

I intended to use the left over bait on Sunday at Maceys in Bury where i know i can catch no matter what the conditions, but decided to finish digging my new garden pond instead. I shall post the pond pictures sometime during the coming week as i wont be fishing this week due to a busy schedule at work. Weather permitting i intend to get some river fishing in next weekend before the season closes on the 15th.