Double Blank

Bought a new trotting rod on Wednesday, so i went fishing before work on Thursday morning.

I fished the Irwell at Mocha Parade in downtown Salford, got there at dawn and fished till 10am without getting a bite.

Tried the Irwell again on Sunday afternoon 2.30 - 5.30 without getting a touch. I was in my favourite swim at the cliff which normally gives me a few fish no matter what method i use but blanked again.

On reflection, either the fish just weren't biting due to the cold or i need to work harder at my bait presentation. I suspect its the latter.

Am going to the River Dee at Farndon tomorrow to watch someone use a Carlusso Bolo float technique. These floats are meant to be great at holding back in deep swirling swims. Maybe i might find the answer to my woes there.