Blank Blank Blank

Am having a torrid time on the river this February.
I went down to the river this afternoon for an hour after work to see if i could put into practice what i had learnt earlier in the week.
However overnight rain resulted in an extra 3 feet of water and the river was running through hard. I was ok with this extra flow as i thought that if i couldnt control the float i would go on the tip. It was the volume of debris being washed down the river that finished me off, the line became covered in c**p every run through the swim. I spent longer cleaning the line than i did with my float in the water. It was the same on the tip, as the quiver slowly hooped over as more and more debris collected on the line.
I packed up after half an hour, and just as i left was gutted by a lovely roach rolling in my swim. Grrrrr.
There's only a couple of weeks left to fish the river before the season closes and i am determined to stick at it until then.
Can things get any worse???